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- Physical installation of a Ethernet LAN -
On this page i try to describe howto make your Ethernet LAN installation. In my work i also supervise and maintain many different both Physical and Logical LAN's. (LAN/VLAN) I also work with routing and switching techniques

Ethernet cable - UTP

RJ45 (Modular) external Ethernet Outlet

Material - list
1. Installation cable
   Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Cat 5e / Cat 6
   with solid cu-wire x8
2. Patch panel   
3. RJ45 (Modular) Ethernet Outlets
4. Sutable (5mm) Cable clamps or cable staples
5. A Cordless Power drill and drills

Tools - list
1. Modular tool (KRONE)
2. Sharp knife
3. cable cutter
4. screwdriver
5. cable staple gun (If possible)
- Layout -
First you need to find a suitable location for your 'LAN-Central' - It's preferred that it is placed as central as possible in your house or flat. Maby close to a stairway or in a closet in your hallway is a good location. Is is from this central al your cables is going out to your different Ethernet Outlets.

The 'LAN-Central' switch/router

- Cable Installation -

Stapled cables and two Ethernet
outlets in my garage

- Wire Connections -
When the cables is in place, it's time to connect al the Ethernet Outlets and the Patch-Panel.

Connect the wires inside each Ethernet Outlet, using the modular tool (KRONE-Tool) and the 'T568B' color markings. Follow the steps 1 to 4, as shown by the images below.

Also Take a look at the Patch panel installation, you find some nice information.

color markings inside the Ethernet Outlet

1. Strip about 30mm from the outer jacket and spread the 8 wires as shown in the image above.

2. Place each of the 8 wires according to the 'T568B' color markings.

3a. Using the modular tool (KRONE-Tool) puch down each wire in place.

3b. the excess wires is automatically cut.

4. Closeup on finished connection.

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