- DigiMAX - Digital mode interface -
DigiMAX the complete SOUND / PTT / CI-V Level Rig2pc interface for digital modes, with the folowing functions.

  • Audio - Soundcard to rig interface using line transformers.
  • PTT line - Isolation using one 4N33 - Opto coupler ic.
  • CI-V level - Rig controle interface using the 'MAX232' ic.

    This information is now also available in Swedish. --> Svensk instruktion (565Kb .pdf file)

    - Front panel -
    DigiMAX - Revision 2007.05.19 Changed pcb layout, it's now a little smaller to fit into the new box. Also got a 'power led' and a new 'Front' panel layout. The PCB Layout files is updated to rev. 2007.05.19

    - Making the DigiMAX interface -
    Here is a complete description of the interface, with schematics, PCB-Layout and component list. ready for you to use free of charge!

    Closeup of DigiMAX PCB component side. rev. 2007.05.19

    Closeup of BCB component side. rev. 2007.05.19

    You can read more about making your own printed circuit boards -->Here!

    - Chematics / Components -

    Interface chematics. (OLD VERSION)
    CI-V interface part
    IC1         MAX232     RS-232 level converter
    IC3         78L05      5Volt regulator
    C1-C6       22uF/16V   Electrolytic
    C7          100pF      Cheramic
    C8          4,7nF      Cheramic
    RFC         1uH
    PTT interface part
    IC2         4N33       OPTO Coupler
    Q1          2N3904     (Or equal, only needed if ptt current exeed 60mA)
    D1          1N4148     Diode
    D2          LED        PTT indicator
    R1          Xohm      (use if needed to reduce levels)
    Soundcard interface part
    TR1-TR2     1:1/600ohm Audio isolation transformer
    C9          3,3uF/25V  Tantal
    R2          Xohm       (use if needed to reduce levels)
    R3          100Kohm    Trim potentiometer
    - PCB Layout -
    This is the latest PCB layout files. rev. 2007.05.19

    SOUND/PTT/CI-V PCB size is 110 x 60 millimeter - Layout in High resolution rev. 2007.05.19

  • High resolution Audio/PTT/CI-V PCB layout (In 539Kb 600x600dpi .jpg file)
    (Ready to print on 115x65mm board)

    In addition there is also a layout for a 'PC-Sound to RIG interface only' available on the 'Old page' if the CI-V part's not needed

    You can read more about making your own printed circuit boards -->Here!

    - Component placement -
    This is the PCB with the corrected layout with C6 and C8 in the correct places. (PLED is missing in this drawing. Refere to images of component side for component placement)

    Component side of PCB with component placement (OLD VERSION)

    Component placement - High resulotion (330K .pdf file)

    - Internal wire hookup -
    Drawing of the internal wire hookup to transceiver (TRCV) and PC

    Internal wire hookup (OLD VERSION)

    RS232 CABLE Hookup
    RED      RXD (DB9 Pin 2)
    YELLOW   TXD (DB9 Pin 3)
    BLUE     RST (DB9 Pin 7)
    GREEN    GND (DB9 Pin 5)
    SHEELD   GND (DB9 connector)
    RADIO CABLE Hookup
    CI-V BLACK (To Center pin on 3,5mm plug)
    PTT  WHITE (To pin 3 on DIN plug)
    TXA  RED   (To pin 4 on DIN plug)
    RXA  GREEN (To pin 5 on DIN plug)
    SHEELD/GND (To pin 2 on DIN plug)
    SHEELD/GND (To sleewe on 3,5mm plug)
    - Honors to the brains behind -
    Usually the information about almost anything is to be found on the internet;-), this is also the case for this interface. Here is some links to pages that helped me to get 'inspiration' for this project.

    DF4OR Ekki's exelent page about making a CI-V interface
    K4ABT Buck's disassembly of the 'RASCAL' SoundCard interface
    HB9DRV Simon, author of the 'HamRadio Deluxe' software @ http://www.hb9drv.ch/

    Ham radio software i currently use. --> Read more!
    Building a silent computer for my radio shack. --> Read more!

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