- YAESU FT-857D - Allmode HF/VHF/UHF Mobile Tranceiver -

I got the first one used from AFR in Sundsvall (The AFR radio dealership is not active anymore)
My second YAESU FT-847D i bought new from LIMMARED.nu.

The text below is written in 2006-2008, updated description of my mobile station is to be found -->Here!

The main idea is to use the radio from mobile, i also waiting to receive the ATAS-120 'Active Tuning Antenna System' that i'm going to use with the radio. The ATAS-120 enable my to use the radio on HF from 40meter band an strait up to 70cm UHF with a single antenna.

2008.06.03 Made the full MARS-Mode, and it's working fine, sorry to loose al my fancy memory settings when performing the reset :-(

2008.05.27 Planing to do the 'MARS-Mode' on my FT-857 rig. Obtained information about the mode from the internet.

2008.10.30 Mobile on a 'RoadTrip' in north Sweden with the 'Kommun-Jakten' activity. -->Story! (Swedish)

NOTE! I'm not responsible for any damage to any equipment or property due to use of information on this page! The information may be used at your own risk!

The mode is described by Hanno Vogels, DG8JZ in this .pdf file

Locate jumpers
Remove screws for the top cover and remove it, disconnect speaker. Locate the jumpers @ the left front corner. (Se image)

NOTE! Please notice the 'ODD' jumper numbering!

Jumpers in original positions (European version)

Original jumper positions
From factory there is jumpers @ position 1002, 1001, 1006 and 1008 in the European version.
(Different from US verion described in .pdf file)

Jumpers in original positions (European version)

VHF/UHF mode only
To expand the VHF and UHF band only, remove jumpers @ position 1002, leave the jumpers @ position 1001, 1006 and 1008.

The mode give TX expansion in the rage 137-164MHz and 420-470MHz

Jumpers changed for VHF/UHF expansion only

Full MARS mode
To expand the HF band place jumpers @ position 1007, 1008 and 1009, remove jumpers @ position 1001 and 1002, leave the jumper @ position 1006. (See figure)

The mode give TX expansion in the rage 1,8-56MHz

Jumpers changed for full MARS mode

Reassemble and Reset
When the mode is done,- put the top cover back, don't forget to reconnect the speaker. Reconnect and re-attatch the front panel, reconnect antenna and power cable.

Performe master reset on the radio. Press and hold [M/V] and [FUNC] keys when powering on. The radio is now ready to use on 1,8-56MHz, 137-164MHz and 420-470MHz with both RX and TX.

2006.11.17 First look - Unpacked an assembled the radio in my home shack to get familiarized with it. The 'Trick' is to get the grip of the setting meny and the 'display' use.

2006.11.19 Started using it the simple way with VFO A set to RX and VFO B to TX frequency and the using 'Split' for repeater shift. - I wanted to setup the radio for easy repeater operation on 2meter. So i Done a lot of manual reading the last two days! I now got the hang of memory and 'name tag' use.

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    Radio in VFO mode using 600KHz 'Split' to get RPT shift...

    Now got the hang of it, using memory with name 'tags'

    - Documentation -

  • Complete Users manual (In 3,3Mb .pdf file)
  • Active Tuning Antenna System ATAS-120 (In 110Kb .pdf file)

    - Technical data -
    Frequency Range ..... 0.1-56MHz(HF), 76-108MHz(Rx only), 118-164MHz
    Rated Output Power .. 100W(HF), 50W(2M), 20W(70cm)
    Emission Modes ...... CW/AM/SSB/FM
    Antenna Impedance ... 50ohm
    Suppl volatge ....... 13.8VDC Negative Ground 
    Dimensions .......... 155(W) x 52(H) x 233(D) mm
    Weight .............. 2.1Kg
    Microphone .......... 200-10k ohm / 600ohm nominal
    Manufactory ......... YAESU MUSEN CO, LTD. 
                          1-20-2 Shimomaruko Ota-Ku
                          Tokyo 146, Japan
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