- Tranceiver ICOM IC-729 -
Used this one on the 'FreeBand' in about 1996-1999. This is also an Fine radio! Got no problems with it! (Using one again 2014.06.29) - Now also used for digital application (MIL-ALE) from 2022 (Ongoing project)

2023.02.11 My software can't trigger the IC-729 in to TX via CI-V, and the radio lacks built in VOX function, so I now need some sort of VOX circuit. Found this schematics, i will try to build one a.s.a.p.

'VOX' shematics

MC1458P DIP-8 dual op-amp datablad
PN2222A NPN General-Purpose Amplifier datablad

Komponent 'PinOut'

2023.02.05 Changed CI-V settings on two(2) other IC-729 rig's - Added a few images for documentation.

Test after modification

Changes in the making / Made 'tags' with config data

Changing CI-V settings on the ICOM IC-729 radio
2023.01.08 Updated the CI-V settings on a IC-729 - Standard settings is: CI-V address 3AH, Baudrate 1200 with 5 data bytes. Need to change the settings to be able to use the radio with a specific software, the settings need to be:

CI-V address 3EH, Baudrate 9600 with 5 data bytes.
(makes the radio software compatible to MIL-radio Ra-763)

The CI-V address is controlled by the diode-matrix D57--D63 (7 diodes) located on the logic board (PLL-Unit) - I made a simple calculator using 'Libre Office CALC'

Link to the --> CIV-diodmatrix_calc.ods file.
(Download / save it / Use it)

Diode-matrix after changes -->

Sample calculation / CI-V Diode matrix on 'PLL-Unit' board

'D2' & 'D3' Baudrate settings

'D4' data format 4/5 bytes

This is what i did:
  • Added one 1N4148** diode i position 'D59' to change CI-V adress to 3EH
  • Moved one diode in position 'D3' to position 'D2' for 9600 baudrate
  • No change of 'D4' is needed for data bytes (5 bytes is default)

    **Note: The user manual states the diode type to be '1SS133, 1SS53, etc' - I use 1N4148 diode, works fine!

    Refer to original Instructions manual page 15 for more information.

    About this rig...
    Used this one on the 'FreeBand' in about 1996-1999. This is also an Fine radio! Got no problems with it! (Using one again 2014.06.29)

    Next radio used on 'FreeBand' was:
    'Kenwood TS-140'>, 'ICOM IC-751A'>, 'Yaesu FT-757'>, 'Kenwood TS-430S'>

    ICOM IC-729 + TIMEWAVE DSP-59+

    - Documentation -
  • Complete Instructions manual (In 4.19Mb Large .pdf image file)

    - Technical data -
    Frequency coverage..1.8--33Mhz / 50--54Mhz
    Output power........100W SSB/CW/FM - 40W AM
    Frequency coverage..30Khz--33Mhz / 50--54Mhz
    Sensitivity(Preamp).Less than 0.16uV/10dB S/N
                        (Within range 1.8-30Mhz SSB Mode)
    Sensitivity(Preamp).Less than 0.13uV/10dB S/N
                        (Within range 50-54Mhz SSB Mode)
    Dimensions..........241(W)x 94(H)x 239(D)mm
    Weight..............4,9 Kg
    Microphone..........Original Handheld HM-36
    Manufactory.........ICOM Incorporated
                        1-6-19 Kamikuratsukuri, Hirano-KU
                        OSAKA 547, Japan
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    ©1999/2000/2001/2002 SM2YER Goran