- Wanted Equipment! -
I am always looking for new equipment to trye to improve my shack!. It is not always necessarily that i am interested to purchase, it al depends on the price and condition of the equipment.

The equipment need to be in good condition, not to much 'handy work' inside! - Al modifications and changes should be well documented. Preferable is also that original parts (Replaced original working parts) is saved and skipped along with the equipment, so that it is possible to restore to original if desired.

2012.06.17 WANTED! Distortion meter for Audio frequenzy range, preffered with digital readout, but analog meter is also OK!

Distortion meter

- Prices -
This is always a tricky part, it depends on so many things, like the condition, accessories that's comming with the equipment. Best way is to just mail me sm2yer(a)gmail.com about what you got and then we take it from there. Replace (a) with @ in my e-mail address

- Equipment for SALE! -
To make room, in the shack and also in the finances ;-) i have also some equipment for SALE! at the moment.

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