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- Latest updates / News! -
2010.01.10 - New stuff VOONI VIR-608 WiFi-Radio
2010.01.10 - Homemade 'outriggers' on my DYNAVOICE M-65 EX speakers
2010.01.10 - Mini HiFi Stereo amplifier RENKFORCE E-SA9
2010.01.05 - Test of new handheld PUXING 777 VHF radio
2009.12.05 - New in the shack - HF Almode Tranceiver ICOM IC-7200
2009.11.18 - New in the shack - LDG Automatic antenna tuner AT-1000pro
2009.11.10 - Now running Remote Control on my equipment
2009.10.16 - Making an Homebrew Off Center Feed Dipole(OCFD)
2009.10.11 - New test equipment NISSEI RX-103 SWR/WATT Meter
2009.10.05 - Making an Homebrew 40 Meter delta loop Antenna
2009.10.02 - New test equipment BIRD Thruline 43 Wattmeter
2009.09.19 - First look @ the 'SOMMERKAMP SLA-300' HF-Linear Amplifier
- Local Weather -

- Making a 'Complete' PC2RIG SOUND/PTT/CI-V Interface -
The DigiMAX interface
This is a complete rig2pc interface with the folowing functions
  • Soundcard to rig interfacing
  • Opto isolated PTT line
  • 'MAX232' CI-V rig controle
    In addition there is also a layout for a 'PC-Sound to RIG interface only' available if the CI-V part's not needed.


  • - Making a StepStarter Module -
    Decided to build an 'External' step start module to reduce inrush power when starting the PA. The external unit is preferred in my setup...

    - HomeMade UV-Box and more... -
    Making printed circuit boards using a homebuilt UV-Box and the Welleman ET10 vertical etching tank.


    Some web-cams in Overkalix
    Webcams in overkalix

    Click on the image to view my current radio-shack!
    My working conditions

    Link to our local ham-radio club...
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    Superstuff for your home and office network, strongly recommended! http://www.linksys.com
    Original text of Paul M. Segal W9EEA in 1928

    The Amateur is Gentlemanly ...
    he never knowlingly uses the air for his own amusment in such a way as to lessen the pleasure of others. He abides by the pledges given by his National Radio Realy League and the government.

    The Amateur is Loyal ...
    He keps his station abreast of science. It is well and efficiently. His operating practice is clean and regular.

    The amateur is Friendly ...
    Slow and patient sending when requested, friendly advice and counsel to the beginner, kindly assistance and cooperation for the broadcast listener, these are the marks of the amateur spirit.

    The Amateur is Balanced ...
    Radio is his hobby. He never allows it to interfere with any of the duties he owes to his home, his job, his scool or his community.

    The Amateur is Patriotic ...
    His knowledge and his station are always ready for the service of his country and his community.
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    Goran Larsson

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    Overkalix / SWEDEN
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